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This project has been inspired by 2 events and 2 people –
1. Visual Anthropologist, climber, and friend Zofia Reych began a blog a while ago – ‘Up That Rock’. As part of this she was regularly posting photos of women climbing on her facebook group ‘Girls Go Climbing Strong’. My almost daily exposure to these images was a joy and it was so refreshing to have the strong brave athletic accomplishments of women normlaised in my daily exposure to media. For this, I thank you Zof!
2. Dr. Alisa LeBow who was one of my PhD supervisors, a massive influence and support, has been commenting on the recent events in Turkey, a subject she holds dear to her heart. A passing comment resonated deeply. She asked for footage of the demonstrations to be forwarded to an archive as part of documenting the resistance. “Videos will be made. History will be written.”

In the current ‘age of athletisiscm – parkour, freerunning, l’art du deplacement, movnat, buildering, climbing and more – we are all responsible for writing and creating these histories. Who participates has nothing to do with biology/genetics, it is more closely linked to social factors and issues of economics, cultural tradition and heritage, and the role of government and institutionalisation.

It is my aim within this project to regularly share images of women who are doing things they love that happen to involve facing fears, being brave, getting strong and taking risks. Will this make a difference, will anything happen, I dont know.

For anyone interested in seeing or connecting with more women in parkour check out the Facebook group ‘Parkour Girls Across’

Amy speed vault vauxall IMG_9957 copy small Amy Thuli warmup IMG_9744 copy small Clemence Pecaut Quebec IMG_8428  copy small Fizz up a lampost IMG_2614 copy small IMG_2490 copy small Julia Maude Quebec IMG_8444 julia copy 2 small.jpeg katie magda beth ona roof IMG_9721 copy small Natalia LaPré Boltukhova IMG_7774 copy small See&Do group IMG_9453 copy small  Thuli Violeta man IMG_9606 copy small Thuli squat wet rail IMG_9758_1 copy smallThuli wet rail IMG_9750_1 copy small


IMG_2551trioFizz jump London
IMG_2621IMG_4120 export isis handstandIMG_0409 smallIMG_0546 smallIMG_0518 smallIMG_0493 smallIMG_3458 small