From consulting for the United Nations, presenting at the British Royal Anthropological Institute to chairing discussions at international parkour events, Julie is always happy to share her insights and experiences. She can talk pretty much anywhere…

Presentations, Events & Exhibitions

NESS: National Endurance Sports Summit, Princeton University, USA, June 2015

Natural Born Heroes book tour with author Christopher McDougall, USA, April 2015

Parkour Generations Americas Rendezvous, Boston, USA, 26.9.14 & 27.9.14
A.D.A.P.T. Conference, Parkour Generations, London, UK, 15.3.14
Generation Parkour, Gerlev Sport Academy, 21-22. 9.12
United Nations Article 31 General Comment consultation promoting Article 31, the Child’s Right. Jan. – Dec. 2012
Royal Anthropological Institute, Bodies in Motion, UK, 30.4.12
Royal Anthropological Institute, Sporting Cultures, UK, 5.11.11
‘In Conversation’ The Hereford Photography Festival, UK, 28.10.11
Steirischer Herbst Festival of New Art, 24/9- 17/10 2010, Austria
Xtend III: Bodies In Flight, 2009, UK
Cake Artspace, 2009, UK
Vancouver Public Space Network, 2009, Canada
YouTube Live, 2008, Parkour World, U.S.A.
Canadian Centre for Architecture, 26/11 2008 – april 2009, Visions, Canada
Skate City, British Film Institute 2008 , The Making of Traceurs, UK
Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castellon, 2008, Reactivate -Adapted Spaces and Minimal Intervention, Spain
Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2008, The Making of Traceurs, UK
Chelsea Fututre Space, The Making of Traceurs, 4/6-21/9/08 UK
Danish Architecture Centre, 2008, Instant Urbanism, Denmark
The Chilldren and Young People’s Services Awards 2007, 22.11.07, Jump Westminster
Architecture & the City Festival, 2007, San Francisco, USA
Swiss Architecture Museum, 10.06-16.09 2007, Instant Urbanism, Switzerland
Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2007, Jump Westminster, UK
BBC Blast on Tour , 2007, Coventry, UK
South London Gallery, 2007 , Art in Motion, UK
Van Allen Institute, 2006, New York, USA
Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2005, Asid, UK


Sheffield Adventure Film festival 2016, UK, bronze award for best soundtrack

Sheffield Adventure Film festival 2015, UK, silver award for best short film

Doxs, 7.11.10, MySpace, Austria
Black Women on Film, The Outside In, 27-29.March 2009, UK
Oxdox Int. Documentary Festival, compilaation of parkour films, 28.4 2009, UK
Moves 09 Festival, 23-28 April Feedback Loop, 2009, UK
Moves 08 Festival, 22-26 April MySpace 2008, UK
Asphalt Short Film Festival, 2007, USA
Int. Festival of Cinema & Technology, Asid, 2006, USA & touring
San Diego Documentary Film Festival, asid, 12-21/5 2006, USA
Carelian Faces Music & Culture Festival, Asid, 2006, Russia
East End Film Festival, Asid, 2005, UK
Freesports Photography & Film Festival, Asid, 2005, UK
Seagate Foyle Film Festival, Chlorine, 21-30 Nov. 2003
Sheffield Int. Documentary Festival, Chlorine, 13-19.10 2003, UK
Portobella Film Festival, cHlorine, 2004 ,UK
Edinburgh Int. Film Festival, 1998, 1999, UK
Mar Del Plata Film Festival, 1998, Argentina
European Media Arts Festival, 1998, Germany
Impakt Festival, 1998, Holland
British Short Film Festival, 1998, UK
Start Moving Image Festival, 1997, UK
Brief Encounters Short Film Festival, 1997, UK


Concrete Circus, Channel 4, UK, Aug. 2011
MI High, BBC Drama 2009, UK
The Naughties, BBC3, 2009, UK
Current TV, 2007, USA,UK & Ireland
Community Channel, 2007, UK
Lead Balloon(Jack Dee), 2006, UK

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