Strong Body Strong Mind.

An introductory level online course on how to build a strong body and stronger mind. 3 hours of video lessons with supporting fun sheets, resources, additional reading  and private Facebook group to support your learning.

Would you like to train your body and mind to be stronger?

Learn how to train for success and become stronger, happier and healthier.

The Benefits of the Course


The better your body moves, the better you will be at living your life to the full, and gaining greater physical competence and mobility. You will move better and think better.



You will learn a wide range of strategies based on neuro linguistic programming (NLP) that will help you clear any self-limiting beliefs so you can live life with an open heart, sense of curiosity and joy. You will set yourself up for success.


The stronger you feel, the more balanced your body and mind will be, so you can move through the world in a peaceful, contented and empowering way.

An innovative course has been created by Julie Angel, bringing together MaryBeth Gangemi (movement specialist)  and Sandra Vesterstein (NeuroLinguistic Programming trainer). They will teach you how to move better and help you understand how your mind works, in order to make you feel happier, healthier and empowered. Working online you can go can at your own pace as all of the content is available immediately. Your time is valuable, so need to wait for the next installment. The course includes two key components:


by MaryBeth Gangemi


by Sandra Vesterstein

Over 3 hours of video lessons plus additional resources, fun sheets, bonus videos and a private Facebook group to support your learning.

Pre-course Assessment Funsheets

Additional Resources

Private Members Facebook Group

  • On completion of TRAIN THE BODY you will:
  • have identified diaphragmatic breathing techniques, and practised the techniques and drills to incorporate them into your daily life.
  • understand what is meant by ‘good posture’ and have started to restore your posture through breathing and exercise.
  • understand the importance of balance and incorporated balance drills into your daily routine.
  • have increased awareness of your current range of mobility and have studied exercises that will make everyday movement easier.
  • be able to progress towards a ‘deep squat’ and hence improve your overall strength and posture.
  • have acquired safe training techniques to build your strength and prevent injury.
  • On completion of TRAIN THE MIND you will
    • understand how the conscious and unconscious mind relate to each other and which one is really dominant.
    • use positive empowering language to communicate effectively.
    • have adopted matching and mirroring techniques to build positive rapports with people of all processing/learning styles (visual, auditory and kinasaethic).
    • have identified patterns of feelings, behaviour and beliefs through your unconscious mind and apply the ‘equation of success’ to achieve positive outcomes.
    • understand the importance of beliefs and how they influence your mind and body.
    • be able to adopt positive beliefs and to achieve desired outcomes.
    • learn and use techniques to develop a motivational mindset and apply it to the course and everyday challenges.
    • use your feelings and emotions associated with love to empower you to have a healthy body and mind.

Julie AngelSee&DO Founder

“Drawing on my own experiences and research over the past 12 years into Parkour and other movement systems as well as anthropology and filmmaking, I am proud to present my online course Strong Body Strong Mind. The course has been designed to help people to be active and take the first small step physically and mentally to work towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. Not everyone has the time nor access to go to classes so this course allows you to progress and learn when it suits you in an environment of your choosing. You will become more physically active, be more mindful of your activities, have an increased awareness of the way you think and how you communicate and connect with people around you. Many courses and movement systems talk about the importance of being mindful without any real instruction on what that means and how to do it. This course will guide you through the how, what and why of how to have a stronger body and a stronger mind.

I was the first student to go through the course and learnt so much, therefore I know it works and that it will make a positive impact on your everyday life.​

Strength and movement are skills that can be practiced and refined. I strive to help people move better and feel better, to increase strength and agility, and increase overall body awareness and mindfulness.”

MaryBeth GangemiTrain the Body

I know this, you’re going to gain a greater understanding of just how your mind works, and knowing that will allow you to get more of what you want out of life. Enjoy the program. ”

Sandra VestersteinTrain the Mind

Access the course now for only $497

Strong Body Strong Mind is a course you’ll wish you’d done years ago. The combined knowledge in the course, is the result of decades worth of learning that has been channelled into an accessible and easy to follow step by step programme, that not only teaches you methods of how to reconnect with your body and move better, but also to think with more clarity and positivity and how to implement all of these skills into your everyday life. With a strong body and a strong mind you will move through the world in a way that is happy, healthy and safe.


Rebecca SpurrierYoga Teacher/Runner

Thank you so much for your Strong Body Strong Mind course. I have had such fun learning new things and playing with how the body moves. As a yoga teacher and runner I felt I was pretty flexible and while I was familiar with some of the techniques I learnt lots and really enjoyed playing with new ways of moving and challenging myself – I have even managed to get my children involed and we have a family challenge crawling around the garden. I really like the additional reading that accompanies each of the modules which enbles you to delve more into each area. The mind part of the course is fascinating and NLP was not something I knew alot about so I am trying to practice some of the techniques. I can’t wait for the next course and a workshop would be great too!


The course teaches a broad foundation of movement and mental skills, presented through quality videos, transcripts, worksheets and additional references for those driven to dig even deeper. Working from self-assessments to mental and physical exercises, it shows how to train the mind, (which is too often neglected) as well as the body. It provides the structure and skills needed to first understand, and to then expand and strengthen, the mind and body’s abilities. In the end, this enables each student to discover their personal journey of understanding and improvement as they grow from passively learning to actively directing their own progress.

Rachel LankesterFounder of the Mutton Club, an online magazine and community for women in midlife and beyond.

Strong Body Strong Mind is a fantastic program for developing one’s physical and mental strength. Everyone can benefit from training their body and mind. Good physical and mental agility require attention and effort, most especially as we age and want to remain active. This program provides an easy, accessible and fun structure to enable us to live our strongest lives all of our life! Thank you!


My first impression of “Strong Body Strong Mind“ was: Wow! It’s so easy to navigate and access all this content. It seems really applicable to your everyday-life. After a deeper look into Julie’s approach of creating an online-coaching-platform that transmits her idea of a mature and thought out way to get people (mainly women) mentally and physically active and creative, I realized something else: The content and the coaches are honest and real. It’s not about or creating a facade, its about educating people to grow and to be happy and healthy.

Tamsin ShakespearMind Body Coach

Strong Body. Strong Mind. It sounds so simple and yet it eludes so many of us because we lack the information and application to become as strong as we’re capable of. This doesn’t need to be the case. With Strong Body Strong Mind, Julie has created a robust yet accessible platform to empower us to take our physical and mental wellbeing into our own hands. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate with all the key mind-body principles needed to build a strong foundation for our best selves. It’s a great asset to become motivated to move with meaning and to stay that way.

Strong Body Strong Mind is perfect for you if…

    • You are interested in improving your mind and body to benefit your health and feel more connected
  • You don’t want to continue with your current status quo of how you feel, but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to learn from people who are honest in their teaching, experiences and authentically live by their own lessons.
  • You know that you want to, and should feel better than you currently do.
  • You’re ready to face the challenges that creating change can bring.
  • You’re interested in progress not perfection. Perfection isn’t real.
  • You want to learn about real world practical movements and mental solutions rather than party tricks or gimmicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I haven’t been active for a long time, will it be too much?

A. This is a beginner level course, which you can start exactly where you are and progress from there.

Q. Do I need any special equipment for the Train the Body section?

A. No, the emphasis is on being able to practise all of the movement skills in a variety of environments.

Q. I barely have enough time to get things done as it is – how will I find time to implement this course?

A. The course is presented in a way that you can implement the skills into your daily routines without thinking about ‘working out’ or getting lost in your thoughts. A little often will go a long way to keep you sustainably healthier in mind and body. There is a quick reference guide to all the drills and checklists so you can look, learn and practice even if you only have 2 minutes to spare.

Q. I understand that if I put in the work and implement your system I WILL see epic results, but how many hours should I set aside each week?

A. The more you do, the better you will feel. Doing 5 or 10 minutes several times a day will already start to yield results. You’ll want to do more as progressing is both rewarding and fulfilling.

​Q. I’m not looking to lose weight, will this course still help me?

A.Yes. This is not a diet or boot camp course. The focus is on your overall wellness and creating the foundations for feeling empowered in your everyday life.

Q. Will you be telling me what to think? I don’t want to be manipulated into thinking differently.

A. No. The Train the Mind section will help you understand how your mind works, become a better communicator and therefore be able to get more out of life.

Q. Do you guarantee that I’ll see and feel changes?

A. Yes. If you are honest with yourself about your roadblocks and habits, open to change and practise the lessons consistently you will experience change.

Q. Should I do this along side any other programs?

A.  Yes. The skills covered in the Train the Body section will complement any other movement or training program. You can never get too much of the basics. Train the Mind offers techniques to create positive solutions and outcomes so can transcend anything and everything that you do.

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