A Parkour Ph.D

Julie completed the world’s first parkour themed Ph.d. exploring the mental, physical, social and political meanings of the discipline. Read more about the Ph.D here. 

Title: Ciné Parkour: a cinematic and theoretical contribution to the understanding of the practice of parkour.
Supervisors: Professor Michael Wayne, Dr. Alisa Lebow
Brunel University’s Screen Media Research Centre
Completion 2011

Due to my research I was invited to be part of an international consutation committe for the United Nations Article 31 General Comment on Article 31, the Child’s Right. Jan. – Dec. 2012. Since completing my Ph.D I have presented my work at various festivals and exhibitions all over the world as well as participating in academic conferences.

Research interests have included: collaborative filmmaking processes, participant observation, shared cinema, activism, creativity, space, place, identity, phenomenology, mediatisation, sportification, body cultures.
The completed PhD involved the production of a DVD as well as the written thesis. Both can be purchased here.

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Films made for the research include: MySpace, a study of architectural potential and the body within a limited space.

Parkour, conditioning, combinations, foot and hand placement, they’ve got flow.

director/ producer/ camera/ editor
YEAR 2006
Dur. 4.00

A rare insight into parkour vision by some of the originals of the discipline. When some of the best parkour practioners in the world take their friends of equal skill and exerience to a new spot, lines of opportunity appear. Not training, just fun, creative & chilled.
director/ producer/ camera/ editor
YEAR 2007
Dur. 6.00

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