Various commissioned and self-initiated projects across many movement cultures including Parkour, pool skating and buildering.


How Training Evolves

How parkour training has evolved for athlete and coach Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat.
director/ producer/ camera/ editor
commissioned by Base 79, London
YEAR 2013
Dur. 5.05


An introduction to what buildering is by Andy Day, climber, commentator, photographer.
director/ producer/ camera/ editor
commissioned by Base 79, London
YEAR 2013
Dur. 5.56

‘Le Singe est de Retour’ (The Monkey’s Back) about Stephane Vigroux. Stephane spent the first 5 years of his parkour experience being taught by David Belle and then several years with Sebastien Foucan before becoming an authority in his own right.
director/ producer/ camera/ editor
YEAR 2006

Chlorine is not just another film about the history of skating but a documentary that gives a unique view of the pool skating scene as it exists today.
The film features loads of skating greats like Steve Alba, Dave Reul, Lance Mountain, Brian Patch, Tony Alva, Steve Olson, Steve Roche, Darrel Delgado, G Man, Dave Hackett, John Torchia and many more. The documentary covers all of the aspects of backyard pool skating from driving around, jumping fences, draining pools, getting busted and some really good skating, of course, including some rare never seen before archive footage. Created by Julie Angel and Milan Spasic.
producer/ 2nd camera
YEAR 2003
Dur. 54.00

Parkour: A Never Ending process

How and why parkour is a never ending process for Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat.
YEAR 2013
Dur. 3.39

The Parkour Architect

A brief introduction to the design philosophy, ideas and works of Mikkel Rugaard, Architect and Designer, Traceur and director at Street Movement.
YEAR 2013
Dur. 10.39

Parkour in São Paulo

An overview of the current parkour scene in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
director/ camera/ editor
commissioned by Base 79, London
YEAR 2013
Dur. 12.54

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