BE BRAVE! “For big results, think small”

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The importance of breaking habits and how they can age you.

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One afternoon, one park, many trees and many athletes. Women see Women Do Women Move. See&Do!

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Turning up & taking part. How to encourage and broaden participation.

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– See & Do
19th September, 2014

Parkour athletes Fizz Hood and Katie McDonald feature in the short film ‘Chasing Light‘ by Claudiu Voicu. Watch on YouTube HERE.



– See & Do

Why no boys?
8th September, 2014

Creating the playing fields of our time. Women See Women Do. An interesting article from Glasgow Parkour discussing some of their reasons for enjoying and creating a space where the women train together.




– See & Do

25th August, 2014

Women See Women Do. Creating the playing fields of our time. The 5th annual parkour girls gathering in Uppsala, Sweden.




– See & Do

 2014, Elle Coleman, The People of Parkour
Architecture student Elle Coleman discusses how and why she fell in love with parkour. Watch on YouTube HERE.




– Artists, Punks and Climbers: Dr. Julie Angel Interview
7th October, 2013

Who are you? My name is Julie. I’m an independent filmmaker, which means that I generally make films that I want to make. What about? Over the last nine years the starting point for most films has been parkour, which was a part of a practice based PhD project.[…]



– See & Do
September, 2013

Creating the playing field of our times.This project has been inspired by 2 events and 2 people:Visual Anthropologist, climber, and friend Zofia Reych began a blog a while ago – ‘Up That Rock’. As part of this she was regularly posting photos of women climbing on her facebook group ‘Girls Go Climbing Strong’.[…]





– Manhood Parkour, a Quick Response to Parkour, Masculinity, and the City by Jeffrey L. Kidder, Sociology of Sport Journal, 2013, 30, 1-23;
6th June, 2013

Firstly, I think it is a really good thing that researchers are looking at various aspects of the culture of parkour. Not all research produced will be the positive propoganda that some of the parkour community want, but that is not the most important issue and does not make it a bad thing. […]





A Parkour Ph.D;
20th June, 2011

For the past six years a group of select people who are now my friends have been putting up with me and my camera. We made films and I listened, learnt and did a lot of thinking. I spent around a year and a half writing about it all and coming to some conclusions. […]





– The Positive Potential: PK 4 Life;
3rd April, 2011

So, we saw in the last blog (Catch 22, it’s beautiful because…) that parkour is a training method and a way of seeing opportunities for movement, parkour IS the means and the end. This describes it, but it doesn’t help to understand it. […]





– Catch 22, it’s beautiful because…
26th February, 2011

My research adventures began in London, September 2004. I didn’t know who, what or how to film parkour but wanted to understand the ‘everyday’, the essence and spirit of the practise. I aimed to do this by making documentaries. […]





– Parkour research, the why and how story so far…
27th September, 2010

I was neither an anthropologist nor an academic, I was a filmmaker who didn’t fit comfortably into the commercial thrust of broadcast media and who was losing the will to live from making educational and training videos, albeit to fund other more interesting and self-initiated creative projects. […]





Sébastien Foucan by Julie Angel;
30th October, 2010

Sébastien Foucan is probably the world’s best-known freerunner after starring in the opening chase sequence of the Bond film, ‘Casino Royale’. His story began in the Parisian suburb of Lisses when as a teenager a mutual friend (Frederick Hnautra) introduced him to David Belle. […]